A red-tailed hawk has taken roost in the backyard over the past few days. The rabbits that used to graze the clover have moved on, and it’s putting the songbirds all on high-alert.

Adding this to the bird list.

Found an old picture of my Zipit Wireless Messenger. At its core was Linux, and it was possible to hack the device to get shell access (I don’t remember how). It’s shown in the picture running ncmpc, which I remember setting up an ARM cross-compiling toolchain to build. That was back when time was free, and I was still smart.

Zipit running ncmpc

Just finished watching Dummy, which aired on Quibi (but I definitely didn’t watch it there). Not covering that much new ground conceptually, it’s your basic imaginary friend/enemy trope (which is territory author/director/protagonist Cody Heller had already covered in Wilfred), but the friend is a sex-doll and she’s so poorly animated that it’s distracting. ★★★☆☆

Another quick screenshot from the old job. The content filter was tuned just a hair too tight. The article, We need to rethink employee compensation, doesn’t seem too “gamble-y”. Unless you’re hedging against your employees asking for more money and fewer lousy stock options.

Content filter error message

Stumbled across a list of “technology discussion topics” put together by a group of old-head programmers at a previous job. Here’s what they wanted to talk about in 2017.

Technology discussion topics list

I have a few short notes I’m working on. I’m failing at writing every day. It’s difficult to find the time to devote to it without feeling like I’m stealing it from somewhere else.

I should be practicing writing a full draft, and then editing. It’s just impossible to suppress the urge to edit as I go. I really need to outline too. I feel like outlines would help with the scattered-ness.

Heard a Wood Thrush whistling ethereally in the backyard this evening. Probably down in the brushy area at the end of the property. I’m going to add it to the bird guestbook even though I didn’t see it. I know it’s there.

Following the crowd to iOS 14. I’m on the trailing edge of iPhone hardware with a first-generation iPhone SE, but new OS updates always get me excited. There can’t be many more of them left in the pipeline for this old phone.

Why are there so many animals with carolinensis in their scientific names?

  • Eastern Grey Squirrel - Sciurus carolinensis
  • Grey Catbird - Dumetella carolinensis
  • Green Anole - Anolis carolinensis

Had a project at work that was just going terribly. Made me really doubt my ability to learn and grow as a developer. It just completely went away. I will keep this in mind, as bad as I feel at my job, my boss is even worse at basic planning and organization.

Digging into the B-sides of the Arctic Monkeys is a treat. They’re the band that everyone-thinks-nobody-knows-about, but mining their back catalog can still produce gems.

🔗 Arctic Monkeys - Settle for a Draw

Pop!_OS 20.04 has been my main OS since the beginning of May, and it’s growing on me. The auto-tiling may be the best out-of-the-box tiling-window-manager I’ve ever used. No configuration, and no chord-ed key bindings.

Company is forcing employees back to the office this week.

Highlights of the new office rules:

  • Get your temperature checked.
  • Stay at your desk.
  • Wear your dress clothes.
  • Wear your mask.
  • Continue having video meetings.

Why are we working-from-home-from-work?

If you have an ASUS Chromebox with Coreboot firmware, running Linux and want to use a headset with a 3.5mm TRRS plug. Add this to the bottom of /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf

options snd-hda-intel model=auto,dell-headset-multi index=1,0

Preparing some bottles for my first batch of homemade kombucha. I’m excited by the prospect of having an unlimited supply, but nervous about the realities of the preparation.

How critical is temperature regulation to the fermentation?

Minimum Viable Content

This article/video really stung me in a way I didn’t expect. I’m usually a fan of Becca Farsace’s content, and I am always interested in seeing people work with the Raspberry Pi. So I expected good things, but what I got instead was minimum viable content.

Thumbnail of Verge video for DIY camera article

If I don't love it, can I stop?

Programming has been my favorite hobby since I was young, and as a child I was told, “do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” What a crock of shit.

Here marks the start of a new writing habit.

I’ve written novels in November (several times), but writing in a manic binge doesn’t seem as healthy, reasonable, or useful now. The noise in my head makes it difficult to think, and the comparative lack of human interaction through the (ongoing) COVID-19 shutdown has had a noticeable negative effect on my ability to form coherent thoughts.

I feel like I understand less of my work than ever. Writing, specifically the focus on composition, seems to quiet the noise. I’m hopeful that it will give me some place to organize and arrange the brain I live in.