You just rhymed "things" with "things".

Ever heard a lyric so bad that takes you right out of a song?

I was introduced to Run the Jewels by a friend shortly after the release of their eponymous first album. It was revelatory, I loved it, and I’ve been listening off and on since.

It’s not all A+ work though. In the second verse of the track Banana Clipper, Killer Mike raps (emphasis mine):

I’m merciless, I’ll torture emcees, tie up both of they feet

If they refuse to run the jewels, we beat the bottoms of feet

I’m talking grip pliers, guys, to the top of your teeth

Hey, me and Jaime killed the competition, top of the heap

Is where we stayin’ when they corpses resting under our feet

Why would you do this? Why so many feet?