Minimum Viable Content

This article/video really stung me in a way I didn’t expect. I’m usually a fan of Becca Farsace’s content, and I am always interested in seeing people work with the Raspberry Pi. So I expected good things, but what I got instead was minimum viable content.

Thumbnail of Verge video for DIY camera article

The Verge has gotten flack for poorly researched content in the past. Their How to build a custom PC for gaming, editing or coding by Stefan Etienne is a well-known example of this. The article was accompanied by a video that was roundly criticized at the time it was published for being sloppy, inaccurate, and smug.

It clearly represented minimum viable content. The least amount of effort went into the research and preparation of that article, and it was glaringly apparent. I believe the newest article/video, I built my own camera with a Raspberry Pi 4 by Becca Farsace may be an even more egregious example. Uninformative, misleading, and presented as a multi-day odyssey that could have easily been filmed on the day before deadline with a few costume changes.

I appreciate Becca’s expertise with cameras, and I don’t doubt her interest in the concept of the article, camera hardware is her bag. The result is barely acceptable, an embarrassing start to her new Full-Frame series.